Monday, February 23, 2009

Blue and Gold Banquet

Last weekend was Colum's Blue and Gold Banquet. We showed up expecting it to be a banquet, with food and decorated tables, giving out of awards, and such. I was surprised to find out that it is simply a 'birthday' party for scouting, with cupcakes and some party games. I talked to one of the other mothers, and she said they decided a while back it was too stressful doing the 'whole banquet thing with the theme decorating'... and decided to keep it very laid back and just have fun. Hmmmm? Anyway, the kids certainly did have a lot of fun so I can't complain too much... but I certainly do think they should change it to Blue and Gold Birthday Party, if that's the case. So Colum will have to wait until March to get the many activity pins and compass points that he has earned, along with his religious emblem.

Kids' Halfway Party

The squadron threw a halfway party for the kids. It was at an indoor bounce house place. It was really nice. One of the better ones in the area, the Jumpin' Jelly Bean in Norfolk, VA. The TRG did a nice job... snacks and drinks, door prizes for the kids. I pretty much sat on a couch the whole time, watching television with some other moms...

Friday, February 20, 2009


We went to an open house just for members of the Air & Space Museum in Virginia. We saw an IMAX movie, then hung around for about an hour to check out some of their exhibits. Luckily, I remembered to take SOME pictures, otherwise there would have been NO cute pictures for you to peruse.


So, we actually had some snow... crunchy snow, that is. Joella jumped on me at seven in the morning screaming gibberish about snow on the ground. Needless to say, I allowed the girls to throw on their snow clothes and go play in the 'snow' before breakfast. It was the kind of snow that stuck to everything. If you tried to pick up some snow off the ground, you pulled up a chunk of sod with it. The girls had fun anyway. Colum is not in any of the pictures because he was sleeping over at a friend's house. Enjoy.