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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Christmas Letter

Click and read! Just think of it as saving paper, stamps, and the time it would take to type the letter out on the blog. :P

Feast of Epiphany

We celebrated the Feast of Epiphany (wise men presenting Jesus with gifts) by going to Aunt Becca's house. The Voltzs are good friends of ours, and the parents are Colum's godparents. Hence, Aunt Becca and Uncle Ted! They have four kids and all the kids play together well when we meet. We had a lot of fun celebrating Epiphany at their house and did some fun activities as you can see from the pictures.

Presents Galore!

Christmas in NYC

Finally... pictures of our trip to NYC. Not too many pictures of the kids, mostly pictures of things we saw while walking around a part of NYC. It was fun to visit with my brother and his family. The cousins had a terrific time playing together. Let's see... what was my favorite part of the trip? I think that my favorite part of the trip was eating the yummy food at Alice's Tea House. And simply hanging around in the apartment with Dan and Christi.

Pinewood Derby

Today was the Pinewood Derby for Colum's Cub Scout pack. It was very well run and the boys had a good time. Here are the pictures from the derby. Enjoy! And for those of you wondering where those holiday pictures are, I'm getting to them!! There's a lot of pictures to wade through and sort before I post pictures from the Christmas season... anyway, enjoy these pictures from today.