Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Talent Show

As promised, I am uploading lots of pictures this month. Today, I am posting two videos. There was a talent show yesterday at the older kids' home school co-op and both Joella and Liesl signed up to perform in it. First up is a video of Joella performing what she has learned in Irish dance so far. She really enjoys it. The 2nd video is of Liesl performing with her worship dance class. Isn't she too cute? Look how little she is compared to the other girls!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Squadron Children's Party @Hunt Club Farm

This past Sunday, the family went to a Squadron children's party that was held at Hunt Club Farm. It is a place here in Virginia Beach that has a goat pen & a chicken coop that children can go in & interact with the animals. The kids always have a ball with that. There are also various other animals, like a Cebu & Shetland ponies, to look at. Sometimes they offer hay rides (but not on Sunday). As part of their Winter Wonderland theme during the holiday season, they also convert one of their barns into a cheesy walk-through of outdoor scenes & elves' workshop scenes... mushrooms made out of cotton candy w/signs that says 'Do Not Eat.'. Anyway, I took some pictures of the kids with the animals. The kids had a wonderful time at the party in spite of the freezing temperature... we were all wearing long underwears, sweaters, jackets, & winter boots with our clothes. Brrrr!! If only they had fake snow at the farm, it would have been very 'wintery' indeed!!